Private Ephesus Tour

Private Ephesus Tour includes Ephesus Ancient City which used to be the most important commercial center of the western Anatolia.
$ 24


  • Begin your full-day guided tour of Ephesus with a relaxed 30-minute ride to the House of the Virgin Mary. Learn the extraordinary story behind this historic structure, discovered in the 19th century after a Catholic nun who'd never seen the building reported having visions. A book was published after her death, and her explanations were followed up years later, leading to the discovery of the main building. The building was officially declared a shrine of the Roman Catholic Church in 1896 and became a popular pilgrimage site visited by several popes. Check out the Wishing Wall, a particular place where visitors tie their hopes, dreams, and ideals on paper or cloth.
  • From the House of the Virgin Mary, you'll proceed to Ephesus, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a remarkable history. Built-in the 12th century BC, this ancient city is the most substantial collection of Roman ruins in the eastern Mediterranean. Famous for the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, this destination offers a diversity of sights to please the eyes. Finally, you'll be mesmerized by the Library of Celsus, built-in 135 AD and the third biggest library in the ancient world.
  • Another highlight is the Scholastica Baths, where citizens could bathe, meet and gossip! Besides that, the biggest attraction in Ephesus is the Grand Theater, a massive building with 25,000 seats. Moreover, this theater used to be used for concerts, plays, and religious, political, and philosophical meetings. This theater is also mentioned in the Bible. St. Paul preached to the people near the grand theater of Ephesus. Also, gladiator fights and animal fights were held here. Afterward, check out a few more significant highlights before enjoying a delicious local lunch included in your private Ephesus tour.
  • You will have a chance to visit Terrace Houses, a private section inside Ephesus Ancient City that resembles Roman Villas. Terrace Houses of Ephesus, also called as "The Houses of the Rich" are luxury Roman Villas located on a slope opposite the Hadrian Temple. This section is important for the reason give us information about family life during the Roman period. They were built according to the Hippodamian plan of the city in which roads transected each other at right angels. There are six residential units on three terraces at the lower end of the slope of the Bulbul Mountain. The oldest building dates back into the 1C BC and continued in use as residence until the 7C AD.
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  • Unlimited bottled water.