Cappadocia is a full of many experiences and activities.
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  • We will pick you up from your hotel or airport in the morning and move to Göreme Open Air Museum. The museum complex, located in Göreme town of Nevşehir, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1985 and played a significant role in the rapid attainment of touristic importance in the region. In this complex, which hosted monastic life from the 4th century to the 13th century; We are visiting historical structures from the Byzantine Empire period, such as St. Basil's Chapel, Elmalı Church, Yılanlı Church, St. Barbara Chapel, Dark Church, Çarıklı Church, accompanied by our guide's narration. Continuing our tour, we move to Pigeon Valley within the borders of Uçhisar town. In the photo break, we will give in the valley, which takes its name from the rock-carved pigeon nests; we photograph fairy chimneys, rock carvings, and Uçhisar Castle, which turns the region into a fairy tale land. The Cappadocian lifestyle, built on stone, is evident in every aspect of life in the region, from jewelry to architecture. We will visit the workshop where the onyx (onyx stone), one of the region’s most famous products, is processed and see decorative products and jewelry made of stones such as onyx and zultanite. After shopping on Onyx, we go to taste pumpkin seeds roasted with milk unique to the region.

  • We will have a delicious local lunch included in our private Cappadocia tour from Kusadasi. Afterward, we move to the most famous formations of Cappadocia called 3 Beauties, consisting of two large and one small fairy chimney. We listen to the legend of the 3 Beauties Fairy Chimneys, one of the symbols of Cappadocia, from our guide, and after the photo break, we continue to the Ürgüp district of Nevşehir. We are the guests of Turasan Wine Factory, where we will have the chance to taste and buy the famous Cappadocia wines produced from grapes grown in the fertile volcanic soil in the region where viticulture activities have been carried out since the Hittites. Later in the day, we go to Avanos, a town on the Red River coast of Nevşehir, which the Hittites call Venessa. In the pottery workshop where we will be guests, we will watch an entertaining show where we can learn about the ancient art of the region, "pottery" we will witness the story of the red clay obtained from the Kızılırmak, turned into magnificent works of art in the hands of skilled craftsmen.

  • Afternoon, we continue to Devrent Valley. In this area, also called Dream Valley, we marvel at the shapes that tuff formations, which look like creatures that were once alive but turned to stone later, take on with our imagination. Then we go to Paşabağ, the Valley of the Monks. We are taking a short walk with our guide among the formations that make us feel as if we are on a completely different planet in this area, which was once used as a hermitage place by Christian monks and is home to the most prominent fairy chimneys in the region.

  • At the end of our private Cappadocia tour, we will drop you off at your hotel or transfer you back to the airport for your flight to another beautiful city in Turkey.


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